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Door to Door Cargo Services
Fisolak is in a vantage position to provide first class door to door cargo services to its numerous customers which lessens and eases logistic problems to the consignee.

It is a package that enables shipment and clearing from our branches all over the world.
The company also goes as far as providing services like packaging, transporting and shipping from country of origin/clearing and delivery in the country of destination.

Door to door service means the consignee is not taking charge of shipment and clearing after buying, it is left for  Fisolak to carry on, and deliver at the consignee door post if so desired.

Fisolak have seasoned and qualified staff that can take care of logistics problems. Delicate consignment is handled with extreme care and caution. We can assure you that Fisolak always delivers on schedule. And apart from shipment, freighting and clearing, Fisolak can also provide other logistic packages like relocation and transportation.
Road Haulage
At Fisolak , we are aware of the need for prompt delivery of goods at client’s specifications. We have therefore striven to make the difference in the haulage of goods within Nigeria, and those that come and leave to other neighbouring countries such as Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Cameroon etc through the approved land border stations.

Our range of light and heavy duty trucks and cargo trucks, manned by specially trained personnel, regularly transport goods and bulk materials throughout Nigeria and the neighbouring countries in general.

The goods are in various forms like dry cargo, wet cargo, frozen cargo, containerized cargo, groupage cargo, personal effects, vehicles (light and heavy), bulk cargo, industrial machines/spares, export commodities and others.

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